Bloom is a deck that literally has flowers in spades

March 16, 2018

Photo decks aren’t usually my thing, but I’m a sucker for a nice bit of minimalism, and Bloom has that in abundance. Or doesn’t have it. Can you have a lot of minimalism? Doesn’t it stop being minimalist? 

But yeah, Bloom is a sleek poker deck designed by botanical photographer Edgar Montoro that launched on Kickstarter today. Each card is unique and depicts a different type of plant or flower.

The deck is definitely aimed more at fans botanical pursuits rather than serious card aficionados (though the Kickstarter page does inform me that the deck is ripe for both magic and cardistry) due to the lack of pips on the number cards. The Aces and Royals, however, are spot on, with a big, bold, stark white letter immersed in the foliage that really pops. The Kickstarter doesn’t show the card backs (which, for the record, is not a great idea) but I’m told it features a kaleidoscopic design with a thin frame and the Bloom isotype stamped in gold foil. The tuck box is similarly pleasant, with a high quality paper base printed with gold foil accents and embossed on the front side.

The cards will be printed by the Legends Playing Card Company on classic stock with an elite finish. The cards will be shipped from the US and shipping within the US will be free. Shipping the deck outside of the US will cost you a hefty $13.

At the time of writing the Bloom Kickstarter has reached US$582 of its $2,029 goal with 23 backers in its first day. The Kickstarter ends on Monday, April 3rd. The lowest tier that includes the deck is roughly $14, while the expected retail price of the deck is $16.