The Stained Glass Phoenix deck has soared past its Kickstarter goal

March 20, 2018

As a rule, I’m all about the minimalism when it comes to decks (like this amazing cardistry deck I wrote about earlier today) but I’ll go for busier decks if they’e pretty, and the Bicycle Stained Glass Phoenix deck is very, very pretty. 

The card designs are rich and intricate, and clever color choices give the effect of light filtered through stained glass. The card backs depict two phoenixes emerging from the sun, drenched in hazy reds and lush oranges, while the fronts feature custom faces and numbers in black and green juxtaposed against cool blues. The way the card fronts dim to black towards the upper and lower edges is particularly brilliant.   

The deck has already been approved by the United States Playing Card Company for printing and, since the Kickstarter is already successful, are expected to start shipping out in May. Since this is a Bicycle joint, I wouldn’t expect these cards to be Kickstarter exclusive for very long, if at all, but Kickstarter prices are always a little cheaper than retail in my experience. Rumor has it that GeniiOnline editor and fledgling cardist Susan Arendt has already laid down the cash for one of these beauties.  

The Kickstarter will continue until April 15th, but there are no stretch goals in place. The cheapest pledge that includes a deck will cost you US$11 plus shipping. A pacl of six decks will run you $55 plus shipping. There are no uncut sheets, unfortunately.