Wind Rose – White Edition is bright and breezy, will blow you away, etc.

March 21, 2018

I’m going to be honest, folks, my heart’s not in the pun game when it comes to this deck. There’s just something very dignified about the Wind Rose deck, and I feel like I’m sullying it with my amateurish attempts at lexical tomfoolery. Okay. I’ll just remove all the puns in the next draft…

Okay, so now that’s out of my system, the Wind Rose Playing Cards – White Edition Kickstarter went live earlier today and is looking for $15,431. Designed by Antony Carvelli (Plexus), the deck is an elegant, white and gold ode to the wind charts of old. The card backs depict a wind rose surrounded by Greek patterns and accents. The Greek theme continues throughout; each of the suits is matched with a cardinal direction of the wind and a figure of Greek myth. The jokers feature a ship’s wheel. 

Wind Rose will be printed with metallic ink by the United States Playing Card Company on their premium quality card stock. The tuck box will be debossed and printed with gold foil.  

The Kickstarter for Wild Rose ends on April 19th. The lowest pledge that comes with a deck costs roughly $12 plus shipping, but that’s an early bird price limited to just 50 customers (40 remain at the time of writing). After those pledges are gone, it’ll cost you $14 plus shipping for a deck. A pledge of $43 will net you an uncut sheet, but only five of those remain as of right now.