Bad at Photoshop? You could win an unreleased deck from ellusionist

March 23, 2018

Remember how the idea for those beautiful Pink Madison Rounders playing cards we covered earlier in the month came from a photoshopped image made for April Fools’ Day? No? Well the idea came from a photoshopped image made for April Fools’ Day. Ellusionist is celebrating that moment of creative inspiration by encouraging even more photo-editing tomfoolery. 

The magic retailer is offering an as-of-yet unreleased red variant of the excellent HELLIONS deck to 24 lucky winners of its “Fotoshop” competition. All you have to do is use photoshop (or Gimp or whatever, I don’t think they’ll check) to edit a pack of Pink Rounders into someone’s hands. They can be anyone’s hands: A famous actor, a doctor, a politician or even English pop-sensation, Sting, playing the role of Feyd Rautha in David Lynch’s criminally underrated, 1984 film adaptation of Dune. 

Once you’ve finished your surreptitious photographic manipulation, simply post the results to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Be sure to use the hashtag #PoundersOutNow and tag @ellusionist in the post, tweet or picture. Your entry has to be out there by April 1st.  Good luck!