Matthew Le Mottée on his “dapper magic”

March 23, 2018

Since 1967, The Magic Circle has been doling out an annual award for “Close Up Magician of the Year.” In 2017, Cambridge native Matthew Le Mottée, took home the award with his fresh but traditionally-inspired style of “dapper magic.” This year he won out against a record number of competitors, making him the first magician to win the award twice, never mind twice in a row.

So what is dapper magic, exactly? As Le Mottée explains in the interview above:

It’s more about the presentation and the way I approach magic. It’s sort of harking back to a few hundred years ago where people would have magic shows in their parlor and would have magicians show their friends magic. My style is an original take with an original twist. 

The award is already paying off for Le Mottée. He’s been invited to take part in a show in Chigago, followed by an exclusive convention in Buffalo, New York.