Kickstarter Cards With Carter: March 26th, 2018

March 26, 2018

Kickstarter Cards with Carter is our regular column about the latest playing card Kickstarter campaigns. Remember, Kickstarter pledges are not pre-orders and results are not guaranteed. 

Sakura (printed by HCPC)

Designer Francis Garcia’s claim that Sakura is the first completely pink deck isn’t quite true, but his cherry blossom themed cards are striking nonetheless. Decked entirely in mild pinks, Sakura boasts custom courts, with beautiful abstract royals, a custom ace of spades, a cherry blossom petal joker, and a deliciously retro tuck box. Aimed at cardists with more subtle tastes, the deck is printed on luxury thin stock with a “legendary finish.” The Kickerstarter campaign has just about reached the half way point of its US$5,000 goal and will end April 28th. The cheapest tier that comes with a deck is $12 with free shipping to the US and Taiwan. $35 will net you one deck and an uncut sheet. 

One of three Kickstarter campaigns launched today by playing card and playing card accessory retailer, TCC Playing Cards (Edge, Essence, Bicycle: Dead Soul), Wolfram is about as basic as decks get. “Featuring” mostly blank card backs and standard fronts with the exception of a geometric joker, Wolfram is obviously relying on presentation to turn heads. Each deck comes with a minimalist black, white and red tuck box, a secondary card case with a slide apart design and a presentation box with a wax stamp. There’s no info on which company is printing the cards, only that they’re made in Taiwan and that they’re limited to just 1000 units, only 300 of which will be available on Kickstarter. The Wolfram set will run you US$20 plus shipping with an estimated delivery date of May, 2018. The campaign is already funded and will end on April 25th.

Flexible (printed by USPCC)

While Wolfram was all about fancy presentation, TCC’s second Kickstarter offering, Flexible, is taking a very different approach. This deck is cheap, people. Available in black and red variants, Flexible, costs just $2.99 plus shipping, a price that’s reflected in the deck’s barebones design. Featuring simple black or red card backs bisected by white lines, and the usual custom jokers and ace of spades, Flexible isn’t going to be winning any design awards, but if you’re in the market for a cheap and cheerful cardistry deck for tooling around with, this’ll do.    

It’s a plastic box to put your cards in.

And there we have it. A very… minimalist Monday. If you’re planning to Kickstart your own deck, drop us a line and we’ll feature it here.