Steve Valentine goes back to basics with his ROYALLY FLUSHED routine

March 26, 2018

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We here at GeniiOnline have been faithful disciples of Steve Valentine over the past month, dutifully passing on his wisdom when it comes to pulling coins from bread buns, changing the color of silk handkerchiefs, swallowing canes and making good tricks even better. This time we’re going to leave it to the man himself, who has written a companion piece to go with the video above:

I started Magic On The Go to teach, celebrate and create a home for as many forms of GREAT magic as possible. Also to preserve brilliant effects and techniques that are getting lost in time. My goal is to build a massive online database of magic, all filtered and curated to bite-sized playlists that point toward whatever aspect of magic interests you most. The best part is, it’s happening, we are getting there, with hundreds of videos already posted and accessible.

So, we have simple beginner material, beginner only in the aspect that it’s physically easy to do, the effects are always powerful – see my Lazy Magician’s Card Act. Also we have more professional routines. Effects that take a little more practice, and of course give you even more powerful results. ROYALLY FLUSHED is one such routine.

The first full close up card sequence I published on is Royally Flushed, my take on the now classic Paul Harris effect RESET. I’ve streamlined the switch sequence and added a kicker ending. The moves are simple and basic yet take some practice, but check the effect to see how strong it is.

As a child growing up in magic Paul Harris was one of my greatest influences. His whimsical, entertaining approach to card magic was a breath of fresh air. The idea of using cards more as objects and producing visual moments of strange was awesome inspiration to me. I still use his Vanishing Deck and Whack Your Pack routines in every show I do.

One of Paul’s classic effects is RESET. If you know it, then you know it’s an awesome trick, with a simple, easy to follow plot that visually packs a punch. It’s really fun if you perform it alongside Brother Hamman’s similar effect, THE UNDERGROUND TRANSPOSITION. In fact, UNDERGROUND or RESET are the versions I use when I have no time to set the deck for Royally Flushed. Oh, and if I can remember my gaffs, I’ll also have R. Paul Wilson’s brilliant RICOCHET available. So that’s four methods for essentially the same effect. Each with their own strengths and advantages. I have used each at different times. Which kinda brings me to my point.

I’m a huge believer in knowing multiple methods for all my routines. Why? Because you never know when a situation can take a left turn, and you always want to be prepared. You are used to doing something in a tux with your own cards, you may get a request with someone else’s cards and you’re in jeans (see my C2P Cards To Pocket Collection) or you’re doing a great version of the Flashback Book Test and someone challenges you to ‘do it with my book’ (see BOOKED). Or someone has seen you perform your killer finale trick three times in a row, and they are now following you around the party. You’ve seen these peeps in strolling gigs, I nickname them ‘Klingons’; they watch from a short distance to try and catch the method. Being aware of them and also switching up methods is half the battle, and the good news is that you already have your presentation and gags, just apply what works to the other routine. Same goes for your favorite gaffed card routine, do you have a non-gaffed version? It’s worth being prepared, trust me.

I was once asked to do the cards to pocket routine at a party (someone had seen my live show), but NO ONE had cards. So I ‘improvised’ by borrowing 10 business cards, luckily I had worked this out ahead of time, along with some extra variations, advantages that only occur with business cards. I was able to use most of the gags from my show and the creative ‘improv’ nature of using their business cards gave the routine a greater personal kick, and made it look even harder, when, in actual fact, it’s way easier.

So, just for you chaps and chapesses at Genii, please feel free to add my ROYALLY FLUSHED to your repertoire, it’ll be up on the site for a week. Of course this and so much more are always available at MAGICONTHEGO.COM