Dynamo updates fans on health issues

March 27, 2018

British magician, Steven “Dynamo” Frayne hasn’t been around much lately. Fans knew the former star of Dynamo: Magician Impossible wasn’t well; he’s been open about his ongoing battle with Crohn’s, a notoriously awful form of inflammatory bowel disease, but many were shocked by how ill he looked in a selfie posted on Monday. That’s not surprising, the corticosteroids used to treat Crohn’s regularly cause weight gain, water retention and rashes, as well as a host of other side affects that still somehow manage to be preferable to the agony of a Crohn’s flare up. Today, Dynamo posted a video on all of his social media accounts, explaining his ill appearance and laying out his plans for the future. 

Crohn’s is bad enough, but the popular magician has also been dealing with the fallout of a savage case of food poisoning that left him hospitalized eight months ago. As you can imagine, food poisoning on top of a disease that plays havoc with your digestive system is already a roller coaster of misery, but things still managed to get worse. The food poisoning led to an autoimmune response, causing what sounds an awful lot like rheumatoid arthritis. Dynamo now has crippling pain in most of his joints, including his fingers, a particularly daunting prospect for a magician.

Still, Dynamo isn’t going to let his health problems hold him back. In the video he promises fans that he’s working with doctors to get his health back on track and is even working on new tricks when he’s able to do so. #iwillbeback reads the accompanying hashtag.

Everyone here at GeniiOnline wishes Dynamo a quick recovery and we’re looking forward to covering his return to the magic scene.