Kickstarter Cards With Carter: March 28th, 2018

March 28, 2018

Kickstarter Cards with Carter is our daily column about playing card Kickstarter campaigns. Remember, Kickstarter pledges are not pre-orders and results are not guaranteed.

Philosopher, truth detective and cheap beer enthusiast, Rustin Cohle, one said the following: “Time is a flat circle. Everything we have done or will do we will do over and over and over again- forever.” That kind of describes this column, come to think of it. Oh and this first deck of the day.

This latest Kickstarter is graphic design trio, Tefepa’s, second attempt at getting their circle-themed deck, Circulus, rolling. They’ve managed to shave quite a hefty sum off their original €12,000 goal and are now looking for just €5,500. They’ve made most of the savings by cutting delivery costs by well over 50%, with little changes to the deck itself save the removal of the Bicycle logo from its (gorgeous) tuck box. The deck is entirely custom, with a stunning circular motif and card backs done out with a lovely blue, white and gray color scheme. Even the diamond pips follow the circular theme thanks to some very clever use of negative space. The deck fans beautifully, creating enough mesmerizing patterns to hide even the clumsiest caridstry. During its first week on Kickstarter, Circulus will cost €12 plus shipping (though shipping isn’t worldwide), and €14 thereafter. An uncut sheet will run you €25. The campaign ends on April 25th and the decks are expected to be in backers’ hands by mid-June.

 ARRCO U.S. Regulation Playing Cards – 2018 Limited Reprint by (printed by USPCC) 

Note: the video above is the 2011 version of the deck. The 2018 printing is visually identical save for changes to the tuck box.

Last printed in 2011, ARRCO’s U.S. Regulations are a popular choice among seasoned magicians. The deck can still be had if you shop around, but you’re generally looking at paying at least for $20 for a plain deck that’s all about card feel. And that feel has been improved upon in this new printing (also by USPCC), which features a traditional cut and embossed finish. Visually, the deck is still very much the same, with standard numbers and the traditional ARRCO faces. There’s been a few tweaks to the tuck box though. It now fits into a standard USPCC template, has’s branding on the bottom and a card reveal on the tab. The deck comes in blue or red. The campaign is already funded and  ands on April 9th. A U.S. Regulation deck will cost you US$8 plus the same again in shipping.  

And there we have today’s round up of Kickstarter decks. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go and stare at a wall for three hours. Intensely. 

If you’re planning to Kickstart your own deck, drop us a line and we’ll feature it here.