Mark Lemon’s Whom is an easy way to read minds

March 28, 2018

I’m going to be honest with you here, folks. I’m still early enough in my magic-writing career that I’m not entirely convinced that mentalism isn’t witchcraft. Whom, the debut trick release from mysterious magic consultant and presumed citrus enthusiast, Mark Lemon, lets you pretend to do all that creepy weird mentalist stuff while essentially performing a fairly basic card trick. A perfect starting place for a neophyte like me.

The trick is essentially a card-based version of the classic children’s board game, Guess Who. Your audience member picks a card and you guess which face is on it. With one hundred percent accuracy. Because the deck is marked. I mean, it’s basically just cheating at Guess Who and I’ve been doing that for years. If you want to see how the trick works, there’s a video up on the Ellusionist site that you can access with a password that also happens to be the founder of Ellusionist’s first name. Pro tip: You can find that here. It rhymes with, uh, prad. 

Whom comes with two gimmicked decks, complete with a hidden crib sheet on the tuck boxes. It’ll cost you a smooth US$19.95 plus shipping.