Piff the Magic Dragon believes now is “a good time to be a dragon”

March 28, 2018

Few performers can make us giggle as much as Piff the Magic Dragon. The hilarious magician-in-a-dragon-costume-with-canine-sidekick recently sat down with the Windsor Star to dispense some of his trademark dry wit. It helps that the paper served him up with brilliant questions, allowing us all to enjoy this exchange:

Q: Dragons seem to be very popular now, what with Game of Thrones, Imagine Dragons, Dragons’ Den — have you noticed people giving you more respect?

A: Yeah, finally. It’s a good time to be a dragon. Before that, it was just about being shot in the face by a dwarf or a hobbit. But times have changed. 

Piff also reflects on pet ownership and working onstage with a chihuahua. “I did get a second Mr. Piffles, but he’s terrible at show business, so he’s just a pet dog. There’s only one real Mr. Piffles,” he said. Read the whole interview here to get his insights on Las Vegas, YouTube, and stealing magic.