Tony Picasso needs your help

March 30, 2018

Anthony Isaacs, better known by his stage name, Tony Picasso, is not well. The UK-born magician, cardist and Magic Castle regular is suffering from an as-of-yet undiagnosed brain disease that has damaged his speech and left him unable to perform or even care for himself. He has health insurance, but health insurance only goes so far, and his is already stretched to its limit. 

Josh Sadowsky, a close friend of Isaacs, has started a GoFundMe campaign for his stricken compatriot. He’s asking for US$25,000 to cover the cost of insurance co-pays, medication, in-home health care and any treatments or charges Isaac’s insurance doesn’t cover. The money will be sent directly to Isaac’s family and caretaker, and every little bit helps.   

Included in the campaign is a message from Isaacs’ brother, Taylor:

“My brother, Anthony Isaacs, and your colleague and friend-who you know as Tony Picasso -is very ill and in much need of all of your help, hope, support, and prayers. Tony has been diagnosed as having Encephalopathy, which is a collective term for a disorder of the brain. He is undergoing a multitude of tests in order to find out the root cause. Currently, his doctors are bandying about a few plausible causes, one of which is viral. Tony’s symptoms include but are not limited to the following: Muscle weakness, trembling, difficulty speaking and swallowing, involuntary twitching, trembling, seizures, confusion and disorientation. His long-term outlook is guarded. His doctor’s believe that with the right treatment, a supportive community, family, and friends, along with the power of prayer, faith, and consistent dedicated hard work that Tony will once again reclaim his health, happiness, and life. Thank you for all of your help in getting Tony back to his three loves that live inside of him namely, expressing his creativity performing at the Magic Castle and being at his best on the soccer field and tennis court.” 

All of us here at GeniiOnline wish Isaacs the best and hope to report on his return to the stage in the future.