Steven Bridges returns to street performing, buys substandard salad

April 3, 2018

Having hibernated throughout the winter months, magician and street performer Steven Bridges is finally back on the streets of London doing what he does best: Interviewing other performers.

I kid. Bridges is great and we’re big fans of him here at GeniiOnline, but he doesn’t actually perform a great deal of magic in this latest video. We see a couple of tricks and the tail end of a disrupted set, but the bulk of the runtime is dedicated to quick hellos with his fellow street performers, a request for challenges from his viewers, a random dancing lady, some solid advice about performing in front of crowds and a trip to Tesco’s salad bar. 

The vid is actually a really interesting glimpse into the day-to-day grind of street performing, but I can’t let Bridges’ poor life choices when it comes to salad requisition stand unchallenged. Morrisons’ salad bar is clearly superior both in terms of cost and salad quality. Not only that, he didn’t even overfill his salad container until it was bursting at the seams and then secure it with elastic bands. Terrible.

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