Spidey uses ordinary cutlery and Steve Harvey’s own words to spook the whole crowd at Showtime at the Apollo

April 4, 2018

If you’re a prominent celebrity, watch out: a magician might use your own work against you to freak you the heck out. That’s what mentalist Spidey did during his recent appearance on Showtime at the Apollo, when he decided to open with a little story about how he was inspired by host Steve Harvey’s book, Act Like a Success, Think Like a Success

“There was a chapter about visualizing and the power of your imagination, a quote that said, ‘Your imagination is everything,'” Spidey explained. “I custom-wrote this piece based on those words.” He then proceeds to magically bend an ordinary spoon and fork with the power of the audiences’ collective imaginations. They might have gone a little overboard with the brainwaves, though, because it’s clear that no one was expecting that explosive finale. 

Check out the clip in the video above, visit Spidey’s YouTube page or website for more of his spooky take on mentalism, and watch Showtime at the Apollo Thursday nights at 9/8 central on Fox, or stream it on