Erik Dobell reads people’s minds, leaves giant mess in his wake, in “Impossibilities”

April 5, 2018

Erik Dobell clearly enjoys his magic on the zanier side of the spectrum, if his clips from his  Impossibilities show is anything to go by. There, he partners up with comedy magician Chris Collins at the Iris Theatre in Gatlinburg, TN to put on a wild show of illusion, mentalism, and off-the-rails humor. 

You can see it pretty clearly in the two videos above and below. Up top, we have a mentalism routine where Dobell fishes for papers in a glass bowl to guess what the audience has written down, but by the end there are little bits of paper everywhere. And in the clip below, not only is there paper, but there are cards, other bits of debris, and now he’s brought a chalkboard into the mix. The guy’s reaction when Dobell predicts the state he was thinking of is pretty good too.

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