Hark at Mark Millar’s magical thriller, The Magic Order, now with sample pages

April 10, 2018

You’ve probably heard of comic scribe Mark Millar’s work, even if you haven’t heard his name before. Wanted, Kingsmen and the two Kick-Ass films are all (loose) adaptations of his original comics, and his work for Marvel and DC has laid the groundwork for two or three major movies. His latest comic, The Magic Order, was announced back in 2017. Now that we’re within walking distance of the comic’s June 13th launch date, Millar has shared some of project artist, Olivier Coipel’s, gorgeous panel work.

Described as “magic meets the mob,” The Magic Order follows five magical families sworn to protect the world from supernatural threats, at least when they’re not being picked off one by one by unknown forces of darkness. Judging by the sneak peak we’ve had of first issue, and there’s certainly some traditional performance magic going on amongst all the supernatural stuff. 

Like most other outlets covering The Magic Order, we erroneously reported that streaming giant Netflix would be publishing the comic. To clarify, Netflix has purchased Millar’s production company Millarworld, but Image Comics will be publishing The Magic Order.

It just so happens that GeniiOnline has someone who used to review comics for a living on staff (spoiler: it’s me), so expect a review of TMO shortly after the first issue hits shelves.