Steve Cohen explains the philosophy behind his Chamber Magic in this slick short film

April 10, 2018

Steve Cohen has been wowing audiences in New York for more than 17-years. Last year, he performed his 5000th show, prompting the city mayor to declare October 6th, 2017, “Chamber Magic Day,” in his honour.

“On the occasion of the milestone 5,000th live performance of Chamber Magic, I am pleased to join with fans far and wide in applauding its ingenious star, Steve Cohen, for his efforts to enrich our city’s cultural scene and engage and uplift people of all backgrounds through the mesmerizing art of magic,” reads the proclamation.  

If high praise from city officials isn’t enough to warrant getting dressed up for a show (and you quite literally have to be dressed up, the show does have a dress code), perhaps the video above will convince you to bust out your waistcoat. While it’s technically an advertisement, the location, framing and general production values make it a very classy advertisement. 

Cohen performs every weekend at Lotte New York Palace. Tickets start at $100 for general admission and are often sold out weeks in advance.