OPIUM features aliens, robots, sword swallowing, magic and Spacecrabs

April 11, 2018

Sexy, irreverent sci-fi-themed variety show OPIUM launched to a standing ovation last night at the OPIUM Theatre at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas.

The crew of the Orbital People Mover 4.2 (OPM 4.2) entertained a sold-out audience with sword swallowing, comedy, music, dangerous stunts, illusions, and feats of extreme athleticism, all the while maintaining a tongue-in-cheek, Barbarella-style camp as the ship traveled from (I bet you can guess this one) Uranus to Las Vegas. 

The audience, which included Siegfried Fischbacher, Roy Horn, Mac King, and entrepreneur Tony Hsieh started the night with “Spocktails” and other space-based alcoholic serums at the Theatre’s bar, before attending the sold out show.

If this all sounds bit too weird for you, veteran producer, numerologist, apple-pie enthusiast, newspaper journalist and basket-weaving-specialist Harry M. Howie is on hand to make things a bit clearer:   

“Crikey!” He added after the show. “Tonight is the realization of a bloody huge dream. The idea for OPIUM first came to me a few years back when I was hit on the head by a piece of space junk while towing my caravan though the Aussie outback. I have to pinch myself that we’re standing here now at the show’s premiere in Las Vegas. This is just the beginning. When Elon Musk populates Mars, he is going to need some entertainment, and OPIUM will be ready for him.”

To see more of Harry, check out this hilarious article about his encounter with a failed-astronaut-turned-Uber driver. 

Opium performs at 8pm every day of the week save Tuesday, with extra showings at 10pm Thursday through Sunday. Tickets start at $79.

And Spacecrabs is the drummer, by the way.