Magic Magazine has fully indexed its entire 301 issue run, available for free online

April 12, 2018

Ever wondered which issue of Magic Magazine has articles about Houdini’s infamous water torture cell? Well, wonder no more: a fully-searchable index of all 301 issues of the venerable magic periodical is available online, right at your fingertips.

Simply head over to, type in whatever info you’ve got in the boxes on the left (author, subject, article title, etc.), click search, and every instance which your search has appeared in the magazine will appear in a field on the right. You can see your results matched by title, author, issue number, even get a page number so you know exactly where the article is located.

This is only an index, however, and doesn’t actually include access to the article you might be looking for. For that, you’ll need an issue of Magic Magazine at your disposal. If you’re looking for those, you have a few options:

Whether you have digital or physical issues, you have a ton of expertly-crafted magic articles and advice. Now, sort through it with ease.