Live Show Canada: Shawn Farquhar will be performing in Maple Ridge, BC

April 13, 2018

A dry grad, for those of you who live outside the comfy bosom of the United States, is a “an event which provides students with a safe, drug and alcohol-free environment to celebrate their graduation.” A school disco, in other words.

Westview Secondary School in Maple Ridge will be having quite an elaborate school disco on account of an upcoming fundraising performance by two-time world champion of magic Shawn Farquhar, whose daughter just so happens to be in the graduating year. Farquhar will be performing Secrets The Magic Show at the school, with all the proceeds going towards the upcoming dry grad. 

While Farquhar is used to performing for crowds in the thousands, the audience for this show will be a bit more select, with just 210 tickets available, a hundred of which have already been sold. 

Like the party its funding, Farquhar’s show will be a family-friendly event with lots of audience participation. 

“A lot of really cool slight of hand,” he told the local press. “Lots of comedy involved. Lots of audience participation. I will make a handkerchief come to life and dance and I’ll float things in the air. It will be a memory for everybody.”

“Parents can bring younger kids so they can demystify the high school in advance,” he added.

Secrets The Magic Show starts at 7:00pm on April 21st at Westview Secondary, 20905 Wicklund Ave. in Maple Ridge, BC. Tickets cost 20 Canuck bucks.