FLASH SALE: Brick Boxes of David Blaine’s just-released Stoics playing cards are 50% off

April 13, 2018

David Blaine’s latest deck of cards, Stoics, hit the market today and word on the street is they’re great. One deck will cost you US$15, but for just 24 hours, you can pick up an entire brick (that’s 12 decks, for the uninitiated) for just $90. A quick bit of cutting-edge-journalism (elementary maths) tells me that’s a saving of $90 off the regular price of $180. Fifty percent, in fact.

The brick comes in a simple black box. Covered in art paper and stamped with silver foil, it’s a nice contrast against the stark white tuck boxes within. 

The cards themselves are largely understated and mostly standard save for the usual Blaine quirks we’ve come to expect – I’m not sure any other magician could get away with putting his own face on the King of Spades. The card are printed by the Expert Playing Card Company on JN Finish stock, which, according to the deck’s shop page, is the closest you’ll get to the feel of those insanely expensive Jerry’s Nugget decks. 

 You can get a deck or a brick of Stoics at the David Blaine Shop.