Murphy’s Magic introduces new line of reasonably priced close-up pads

April 18, 2018

Are you tired of using an old mouse pad for your close-up magic performances, but unwilling to part with $350 for Dan & Dave’s Magic Surface? Then this new line of close-up pads from Murphy’s Magic might be for you.

As the $6.95-$24.95 price range might suggest, these are no-nonsense pads that trade visual flare for resilience and a budget price point. They come in two sizes; 11″ x 16″ and 16″ by 23″, three degrees of thickness, and four colors. The back is non-slip, and the acid dyed fabric top won’t run or fade. The mat is easy to clean and resistant to creases and stains.

That last part is important. As I said earlier, they’re not the fanciest mats in the world, but if you’re looking to ply your trade out in the elements, or if you work bars or lounges where people can get careless with their drinks, cheap and cheerful mats like these are the way to go. 

The mats will soon be available at all good magic supply retailers, but the folks over at Murphy’s Magic suggest you get them from Hocus-Pocus.