David Blaine on why his new tour is his most difficult yet

April 20, 2018

“It makes for a show that any night anything can happen, anything can go wrong, it’s not a prepackaged idea, and it’s not an illusion show,” David Blaine explains to Dori Monson. “What you’re seeing is night after night, an event with a bunch of endurance feats where anything could stop the show.”

He’s talking about his new show, David Blaine Live, which debuts in the San Diego Civic Center on May 6th. The show combines many traditional tricks with the real-or-not feats of endurance that have defined Blaine’s career. But while being frozen in ice, staying underwater for days, or living in a plastic box for weeks was hard, repetition is harder.

“There is an unknown in every single night – it’s exciting,” he said. “It’s fun for me night after night. But it is very difficult physically.”  

The interview with Blaine is short, but interesting. In it, he discusses the show, his thoughts on the supernatural, and the intimacy of a live performances versus television. Check it out.