Spiff up your cardistry with two new two-handed cut tutorials from School Of Cardistry

April 21, 2018

Did the new NDO Broken Borders playing card deck catch your eye? Yes? Then you may want to brush up your moves with the latest tutorial videos from School Of Cardistry. This educational YouTube channel, also made by NDO, posts new tutorials for free every week, and the two most recent videos show options for different two-handed cuts.

The top one features Birger Karlsson teaching his Namnlos move. You’ll need to be comfortable with the Pivot move to master his cut. The video below is the flashy-looking Sigmatoss as taught by Matthew Beaudouin. That one lists the Charlier Cut as a prerequisite. (Don’t fret if you need to brush up on your Pivot or Charlier; there are tutorials for those as well.)

If you find you get a lot out of School Of Cardistry channel, then consider throwing a few bucks towards the NDO Patreon. Subscribers get perks such as access to discussion groups and exclusive videos.