Spend your lazy Sunday watching the best of Harry Anderson

April 22, 2018

The loss of Harry Anderson has reverberated through the magic and entertainment community this past week, with illusionists, actors, and other artists remembering the laughs he brought to everyone’s lives. For this week’s Lazy Sunday, I’m going to let Anderson’s effervescent charisma and impressive sleight of hand do all the talking, and post some of my favorite videos I’ve found kicking around the internet:

Here’s a compilation of Late Show With David Letterman appearances Anderson made back in the 1980’s, where Harry shows off “bad” card tricks and his hustling skills in a three-card Monte routine:

Here he is performing on the 1988 revival of The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour:

Here’s his 1986 Showtime special, Hello, Sucker, which includes his infamous needle-through-arm trick:

Watch him make a table float for Johnny Carson: 

Here, he punishes a guinea pig when it fails to perform his acrobatic tricks for Saturday Night Live!:

And of course, Harry’s signature “Grappler” routine: