Ben Price on why you should hire Ben Price (or people like Ben Price)

April 24, 2018

Ben Price is a magician. Ben Price thinks that you should definitely hire a magician for your next birthday party, wedding, corporate event or private function. This is not a surprising stance for Ben Price, who is a magician, to take. 

But at least he makes his point well in an eloquent little piece of writing called “Why Hire a Magician?” that extols the virtues of a live magician versus more contemporary forms of entertainment. Some of it is boring ad-speak – Ben Price, magician-for-hire, has to eat – but he does make a very interesting point about photographs. To wit:

No, seriously, think of the fantastic photos you’ll get out of your event. Whether they are taken by your event photographer, yourself, or your guests, the photos you get out of a close-up or stage magic show will be some of the best photos you’ll get out of the evening. Not of the magician, but of your guests. Here’s why! When you are watching a magician perform, or are taking part in the performance yourself, there are always moments, no matter the effect, where the spectators experience a moment of confusion, bewilderment, or pure joy. If you capture any one of these moments on film you have the perfect lasting memory! Hang around the magician and you’re sure to capture a myriad of special photos! 

And Ben Price, magician, is absolutely spot on. Of all the magic sizzle reels I’ve seen in my time here at GeniiOnline, the best ones almost invariably have plenty of audience reaction shots. Event photographs are often meant to capture candid emotional responses, and no response is more genuine than the look of shock or delight on someone’s face during the reveal of a magic trick. 

I strongly suggest you go give the article a read. If you do decide that a live magician is a good fit for your event, you’re in luck, Ben Price knows a guy:

His name is Ben Price.