Rodd Hogg blames “red tape” for the last minute cancellation of his Portrush stunt

April 25, 2018

Irish magician and escape artist Rodd Hogg was the highlight of the town of Portrush’s Super Sunday event last year. His hair-raising Great Harbour Escape stunt was a huge success, and Hogg was looking forward to performing an even more dangerous stunt at this year’s event. 

Hogg described the upcoming stunt as “the most dangerous thing I will ever do,” before adding, “Think fire, height, straitjacket, handcuffs and water. Expect to experience real fear!” 

Sadly the only thing audiences will be experiencing is disappointment, as Hogg’s performance, along with the rest of the Super Sunday event, has been cancelled with just a month’s warning. Several people involved in the show, including Hogg himself, blame bureaucratic “red tape” for the cancellation. As Hogg wrote on his Facebook page:

Hopefully Hogg gets to perform his trick at some point in the future.