Carat Case Creations’ founder really likes gold and metallics. (Who can blame him?)

April 26, 2018

Today’s dose of magical voyeurism is the latest installment of the Card Gear column from Kardify. The feature profiles some playing card professional from around the world and asks them what tools and gadgets comprise their daily work kit.

The feature’s subject for the month of April is Sherman Tsao. He’s the founder of Carat Case Creations, a company specializing in storing and displaying card collections. He currently lives in Shanghai, China and is still an avid playing card obsessive.

On the mobile side, Tsao is packing an iPad Pro 9.7 inch and an iPhone 5S. But not all of his creative work happens digitally; he’s also got a notepad of graph paper and a few swank-looking writing utensils in his daily kit.

Right now, he’s also carrying two decks: the Gold Monarch Planks by Ben Kolozsi and the Draconian Spitfire deck. “The Draconian backs are so mesmerizing and has been one of my favorites ever since I started collecting,” he told Kardify. The Alstad Goods wallet from Dan & Dave that’s holding the other deck looks pretty mesmerizing in its own leather-bound way.

Finally, for a touch of the piratical, Tsao has Chris Odvijenko’s Davey Jones’ Locker Hobo Coin. “This has replaced Chris’ Morgan Dollar Hobo Coin as my favorite fiddle coin,” he said.

Read the whole column here.