Report: Richard Turner documentary ‘Dealt’ to be made into feature film

April 27, 2018

Dealt, the critically acclaimed documentary about the life of  self-described “card mechanic” Richard Turner, is being turned into a feature film, according to an exclusive report at Variety.

Court Five, a production company formed by New Line Cinema alums Jane Fleming and Mark Ordesky, has acquired the rights from Keep On Running Pictures and Ralph Smyth Entertainment to produce a Hollywood film adaptation of the life of the award-winning magician. The report also states that the filmmakers behind the documentary (director Luke Korem, producer Russell Groves, and writer Bradley Jackson) will be working on the film as producers.

“Richard Turner is a one-of-a-kind character whose fierce commitment to overcoming adversity is inspiring and moving in equal measure,” Fleming and Ordesky said in a statement to Variety. “We are thrilled to expand on the terrific storytelling of Dealt to bring audiences even more of his incredible story.”

Production is obviously very early, and as such, no directors, writers, or actors have been attached yet (or whether the adaptation with retain the name of the documentary or be called something else).  

Turner’s life story, which involves overcoming blindness to become one of the world’s most renowned card magicians, feels ready-made for a proper film adaptation, especially when the documentary is already as good as it is. Now, the question remains: who do you think should play Turner?