Carisa Hendrix sets world record by lighting 24 torches using electricity conducted through her body

May 2, 2018

Multi-talented magician, comedian, model, and dancer, Carisa Hendrix, has zapped her way into the record books by lighting a whopping 24 torches (the fiery, Indiana Jones type) using electricity conducted through her body. 

Hendrix has been entertaining audiences using a variety of disciplines for over 15 year, and this is her second entry in the Guinness Book of Records. Back in 2012, she set the record for “longest duration fire torch teething,” a difficult stunt that involves gripping a flaming torch in her teeth and hold it up right. Hendrix managed an impressive two minutes and one second, smashing the previous record of one minute and 32.75 seconds.

Her magic and illusion show is called Lucy Darling’s Comedy Magic Show and is well worth a look.