Get 50% off decks, gear, and more in MJM Magic flash sale

May 2, 2018

MJM Magic is a simple site, so it’s fitting that its current sale is as straight forward as it gets. For the next three days and 18 hours (give or take an hour or two depending on how long it takes to edit this article), over 500 tricks, decks, and tools will be on sale for 50% off. MJM also offers free shipping within the USA for orders over $50, a cool reward point system, robust price match options and a daily draw for a $10 gift card for everyone who’s spent more than $25 on the site. 

The sale includes all kinds of magic paraphernalia, but the items currently in my gift basket are:

Monarchs are a solid entry-level “nice deck.” 

I’ve settled on Bicycle Blues for my cack-handed attempts at card magic because so many gimmicks and effects are designed with these cards in mind. 

Cheesy? Yes, but I need something to go with that sequin-covered waistcoat I bought on Amazon at 3am. 

You can see a list of everything that’s on sale here.