Kickstarter Cards with Carter: May 4th, 2018

May 4, 2018

Kickstarter Cards is our regular column about the latest and greatest playing card Kickstarter campaigns. Remember, Kickstarter pledges are not pre-orders and results are not guaranteed. 

LMD Deck Frost Blue Edition by Vince H (printed by Hanson Chien Production Co.)

Sharp, clean, geometric front designs give me a nice tingly feeling. Hence I’m a big fan of LMD by Vince H. It’s fully custom across the board, with sleek pip designs and interesting layouts. The symbols used in place of traditional royals are super cool, but sacrifice a bit of readability for that neat sci-fi look. Thankfully the lack of clutter, cool (blue) color choice, and strong choice of indices typeface keeps things breezy. The backs are a solid mass of interlocking symbols in gray and black, save for two ice blue symbols that venture into the white borders, giving the deck some killer lines during fans.   

Also, the brick box is literally designed to look like a brick. I can’t believe no one has thought of that before. 

  • Kickstarter Goal: $5,416  
  • End Date: May 23rd, 2018
  • Deck Cost: $11
  • Shipping: $6
  • Ship Date: July, 2018

Pythagoras by Pythagoras Cards (printed by USPCC)

Pythagoras is almost entirely standard save for the blue and black color scheme on the fronts. What caught my eye is the slick, triangle-based design on the backs. If the recent Virtuoso variants don’t pop enough for you, or are simply too expensive, then Pythagoras is a great budget alternative. Unless you live outside of the US, in which case, bad luck. 

  • Kickstarter Goal: US$ 5,000
  • End Date: June 3rd 2018
  • Deck Cost: US$13 
  • Shipping: US Only Free 
  • Ship Date: Oct, 2018

Bloom by Edgar Montoro 

We’ve featured Bloom on the site before, but this new version has a really tasty back design that adds a touch of bespoke luxury to an otherwise impersonal photo deck. Being a photo deck, Bloom is pretty much useless for tricks unless you’re rocking some kind of weird botanical theme in your shows, and there’s no mention of a printer, which means it likely isn’t an ideal candidate for cardistry, but it works as a general purpose deck or just a nice thing to own. 

  • Kickstarter Goal: $1,944
  • Deck Cost: $15
  • Shipping: Worldwide $13
  • Ship Date: September, 2018