Spidey’s appearance on CBC Radio shows that he can blow your mind on audio or on video

May 4, 2018

Magic tends to be an art form all about the visuals. The whole “now you see it, now you don’t” act does require you to, you know, see. So while many magicians want their chance to dazzle your eyes on a television show, mentalists can still ply their trade over the audio airwaves.

First off, let that serve as a reminder for all the mentalists out there looking for places to perform. Radio. My tip to you.

Second, Canadian mentalist and hypnotist Spidey made a recent appearance on CBC Radio. Fresh from messing with Steve Harvey on the revived Showtime at the Apollo, the performer brought his act to a more intimate setting of the radio studio for Here and Now.

And, because this is the digital age, there is also video of his visit. Best of both worlds! Watch (or just listen for that true radio experience) him do his thing below.