The Thrillusionists has great tricks but makes me feel ancient

May 8, 2018

Watching The Thrillusionists makes me feel like I’m a thousand years old. Why are these literal babies running around performing magic? Why is one of them dressed like an extra from Stranger Things? Is that haircut deliberate? Who is Aja9? Shouldn’t these kids be in school? When did I get so old?

But yeah, it might comes as somewhat of a surprise to you, gentle readers, but I’m not overly fond of children. It’s a testament to the quality of the tricks scattered throughout The Thrillusionists that I managed to sit through an episode of a show clearly aimed at people two decades younger than me. But the tricks are damn good, particularly that one with the tent near the end.

The Toronto-based show began airing in march and features the talents of Brad Bond, Maya Franzoi and Joey Machin. Comedy magician, Chris Mayhew, worked as a magic consultant on the show, and his expertise is reflected in some quality tricks.

Semi-ironic, curmudgeonly griping aside, it’s nice to see big TV channels investing in magic shows. There’s plenty of performers out there who perform for children, but they’re usually trying to draw kids into the current magic scene, rather than trying to bring magic into traditionally kid-friendly spaces. I may find it largely incomprehensible, but I imagine the show is setting off fireworks in the minds of future magic superstars as I speak.