Hop on Pop Haydn’s magic sale, with discounts this month only

May 10, 2018

If you’re in the market for some magic, now’s a good time to make your way over to Pop Haydn’s online store. The renowned magician is offering 20% off any orders of more than $20 for the remainder of May. Just apply the coupon code “Madness” at checkout.

His store includes a whole array of options for magical education. There are DVDs of classic routines like the color-changing handkerchief and shell games, or go literary with a download of his writings on subjects such as acting in magic and creating routines.

For those of you attending the annual convention of the International Brotherhood of Magicians in July, you’ll have the chance to see Pop Haydn perform. He’s on the Legends of Comedy lineup alongside Michael Finney, Jeff Hobson, Nick Lewin, and Larry Wilson.