Munchies and magic in Shibuya’s Meat Alley

May 11, 2018

I’m quite fond of magic, but food is my true passion. This fact is obvious to anyone who has ever seen me walk up a flight of stairs. So this latest video from YouTube jetsetters, Simon and Martina Stawski, is entirely my jam. I would also like to eat the jam, please.

The Canadian couple were treated to a tour of Shibuya’s famous nightlife food and drink scene by a tour company called Magical Trip. Conveniently, a street magician turned up half-way through filming to provide the “magical” part of the tour.

Okay, yeah, this video isn’t exactly overflowing with tricks, but look at that fishcake and fried egg thing at ten minutes in. I would vanish that in an instant. 

If you ever find yourself in Tokyo, that tour will run you $55, plus the cost of food and drink. In my case, that latter cost would be substantial.