Australian police are on the hunt for a plant-stealing clown

May 15, 2018

The sleepy suburb of Scarborough in Perth, Australia, has been rocked by the brazen theft of a large display plant from a local shopping center by a menacing clown. Unwilling to allow this criminal jester’s reign of botanical larceny to continue unabated, the local constabulary has called for anyone with knowledge of this clown prince of crime or his bearded accomplice to come forward. It’s unclear if a reward is being offered at this time. 

According to Sergeant Tony Clark of the Scarborough police force, CCTV tracked the nefarious harlequin as he somehow managed to infiltrate the Innaloo Shopping Centre, steal the plant, and escape on his bicycle unchallenged in just five minutes.    

“He has come on a bicycle and left it at the entrance to the shops before walking through, taking the pot plant and riding off,” he told the local press.

Should you spot this villainous punchinello, report the encounter to the police immediately, and do not, under any circumstances, smell his flower.