Belgium’s most famous clown arrested for murder following an armed standoff with police

May 18, 2018

Belgian performer, Kevin Lapeire, better known as Clown Tobi, has been arrested for the murder of his ex-girlfriend, identified only as Caroline D. Police believe he enlisted the help of fellow performer, Deitwin Haegman, known as Dietwin the Yodeller, to help carry out the murder.

Lapeire was taken into custody after an armed standoff in which the famous clown waved a firearm while live-streaming the four-hour encounter on Facebook. He eventually surrendered to the police. Haegeman was arrested shortly after.  

According to the police, Lapeire broke into Caroline’s house on Sunday 13th, Mothers Day in Belgium, and murdered her in front of her three children. He’d separated from the 47-year-old a few days earlier, apparently because he didn’t get along with her kids. On a grimly ironic note: Lapeire frequently performed in children’s hospitals as “Doctor Aspirin.”

“I’m no longer a clinic clown but a crimiclown. That’s how I’ll become famous,” he’s reported to have said to the children before murdering their mother.