Scam Stuff needs help building their headquarters, so they’re putting everything on sale for Memorial Day weekend

May 25, 2018

Scam Stuff founder Brian Bushwood is very close to locking down the perfect location for his company’s new headquarters in Austin, TX, but he needs a little more cash to seal the deal – which is why he’s putting everything on his site at deep, Black Friday-esque discount for the next three days.

You can get the devious Outlaws Vault (pictured in above) for $104.07 (nearly $50 off the list price), a full set of the Brian Bushwood Book Test for $549.97 (55% off the list price, the lowest it’s ever been), or get yourself a snazzy lock-picking set for $7.77. 

Scam Stuff is still a small shop so there’s a good chance some of this gear will sell out before the long weekend is out, so if you see something you want, grab it now here while supplies last.