David Blaine dines on needles and glass on the Late Late Show

May 28, 2018

Put David Blaine in a room with some needles, a touch of glass, and a live audience, and it’s pretty clear where things are headed. Not to Late Late Show host, James Corden, apparently, who blithely admits he’d love to take part in a new trick. At least before Blaine pulls out the needle and thread.

There’s little left to say about Blaine’s performance – we’ve seen what he can do with a needle before, and he performed a similar trick at the Genii Convention last year – other than the fact I really love how he’s leaning into his his magical weirdo persona on this latest tour. I always found his earlier performances a bit too full of SERIOUS MENTALISM for my taste, but now that he’s willing to joke around with his own mystique, Blaine is quickly becoming one of my favorite performers. His comedic timing is superb as well, like the just-a-bit-too-long pause between “I heard that,” and, “you like glass,” right before he starts eating a large wine glass. 

Blaine was promoting his spring and summer tour, David Blaine Live, which you can see dates for here.