Kyle Marlett helps a TV host join the X-Men (Plus a new episode of Mutant Powers)

June 1, 2018

So that headline probably needs an explanation. Open your notebooks to page one.

  1. Kyle Marlett is touring to promote his new Facebook Watch show, in which he convinces members of the public they’ve been given superpowers.
  2. The show is called Mutant Powers. 
  3. The X-Men are a fictional team of mutants with superpowers who regularly appear in the pages of Marvel comics (Note: Marvel is in no way affiliated with the show). 
  4. In the video above, Marlett draws an X on his hand, and then magically transfers that X to the closed fist of a TV host.
  5. The X makes Marlett a man with an X on his hand, thus an “X-Man.”
  6. The TV host now also has an X. Thus they are X-Men.   
  7. Headline of the decade.

Oh, and here’s the actual episode. I guess that’s important.

Mutant Powers is set to run for five episodes, with a new episode airing every Thursday at 3pm EST.