Patrick Kun does a little card trick

June 5, 2018

There is an art to telling bad jokes. The deadpan delivery, the slightly-too-long pauses, the feeble explanation, they’re all vital to delivering a quip that invokes not laughter, but a long weary sigh as your audience realizes that you have wasted vital seconds of their life. You have, in essence, killed a tiny part of them with your words. It’s like being an evil wizard.

It’s in this manner that sleight-of-hand maestro, Patrick Kun, just committed mass murder in a trick video that opens with a clanger so deliberately bad I physically winced.  

He then followed it up with a really cool trick that actually has me considering picking up a micro-deck. The sleights are easy to follow on a second viewing, but the trick is crazy smooth the first time round. The slow-burn reveal of the switched card box is such a good way to open the routine too.

Kun makes his living performing live, hawking goods in slick ads for the likes of Coca Cola, and selling his own magic tools and accessories, including a really swank cardistry/performance deck called Mirage that I may just add to my collection.  You can follow him on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.