Accio STDs! Warner Bros hits “Harry Popper” condoms with the killing curse

June 20, 2018

Swiss smut and smut accessories retail chain, Magic X, will have to halt production of its popular “Harry Popper” condoms after losing a decade-long legal battle with Warner Bros. 

The multimedia giant began proceedings in 2008, alleging that the condoms infringed upon the Harry Potter trademark it shares with author, J.K. Rowling. Lawyers representing the company at the time argued that the condoms put the image of its client, “at risk.” 

Magic X responded by pointing out the Harry Popper trademark was registered in 2006 and that the product, which features a bespectacled condom brandishing a magic wand on the box, had nothing to do with Harry Potter.

It seems a touch pointless in the face of such airtight logic to point out that Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was published in 1997, nearly a decade before the randy retailer developed its entirely original brand of prophylactics.

Needless to say, the aurors of the Swiss courts were similarly unimpressed by Magic X’s arguments. After ten years of legal quidditch including an appeal to the Swiss Supreme Court, the sex shop chain has been ordered to cease production of the condoms and pay over 150,000 francs in damages. The courts decided on that sum after Magic X failed to provide figures on the profits they’ve made on sales of the condoms.   

At this juncture, we at GeniiOnline would like to remind all you budding young wizards to always wear protection to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted curses.