A magician botches a trick during an NHL awards ceremony. Then it gets worse…

June 21, 2018

A Las Vegas magician did not have a good night at the NHL Awards Show in Last Vegas. The poor guy was tapped to perform a relatively simple card arrangement trick to reveal the winner of this year’s Selke award for the best defensive forward. In ice hockey. That’s the one with the sticks. And the ice. 

Anyway, as you might have grasped from the title of this article, the reveal doesn’t go entirely according to plan. Fortunately, recipient Anze Kopitar knew it was his time to shine, and was already on his feet, so at least things couldn’t possibly get any worse.

Oh. Oh no. Oh nooooo.   

Screw ups are an unavoidable part of the business, and to be fair to him, our boy handles it like a pro. I would have curled up into a ball and never moved again. They would have had to roll me out of the venue.