How to throw cards (deliberately) with Rick Smith Jr.

June 25, 2018

Throwing cards is a vital skill. Impress your friends, annoy your family, blind your enemies

For legal reasons I have to remind you that blinding people with playing cards is illegal, not to mention impolite, so don’t do that.

In the video above, Brian and Jason of The Modern Rogue are joined by magician and professional card tosser Rick Smith Jr. for a lengthy tutorial and demonstration of the art. Smith  holds three world records for the longest, highest, and most accurate card throws. 

He’s been practising magic since he was a child, but got his start in the field (hoho) of throwing things fast and accurately as an NCAA Division I pitcher during his time at Cleveland State University. After throwing a card at a friend in jest and accidentally cutting the guy’s arm open, Smith realised he could throw cards just as well as baseballs. Shortly after that, at the age of 21, he scored his first world record.

So what’s the trick to card throwing? Well contrary to the age old cliche, it’s not entirely in the wrist. Instead, it’s about unfurling the arm quickly and carrying that momentum through the wrist, as Smith demonstrates when he starts dicing fruit and veg with cards.