Alex McAleer can get inside your head (not literally)

June 27, 2018

So contrary to the claim made in the above tweet, Alex McAleer did not literally crawl inside of Tory Shulman’s head. If Alex McAleer could literally crawl inside of people’s heads, Champions of Magic shows would be a lot messier, and would likely get far fewer volunteers from the audience. 

So while you won’t get to see McAleer burst victoriously from a human skull, clad in nothing but gore and bone fragments in the video above, you will get to see him do that whole mentalism thing he’s known for. He then talks about the art for a little bit. It’s interesting stuff. 

Blessed with a sharp wit and delightful moustache, the British mentalist and world-renowned “memory expert,” was appearing to promote the Champions of Magic US tour, which is now underway.   

And no, I don’t care what the Oxford English Dictionary says about the word, “literally.” Fight me.