Six Impossible Things to return to NYC this fall

July 2, 2018

Joshua Jay doesn’t make life easy for himself when it comes to Six Impossible Things. In the 75-minute show, Jay guides an audience of no more than 20 people through a series of intricately designed rooms, each with a unique magical theme. Sometimes he performs tricks for small parts of the audience, sometimes even for one audience member on their lonesome. Oh, and you can only see the show once. Jay and his staff are keeping a database and an eye out for double-dippers, so unless you have a convincing fake I.D. and an even more convincing fake moustache, Six Impossible Things is very much a once in a life-time experience. 

And that seems to be working in Jay’s favour. The show has been getting rave reviews, and has built up a nigh inescapable cult following on social media. Tickets for the current run are completely sold out. 

But fear not, Six Impossible Things is returning to New York City later this year. From October 25th through to December 15th, it will once again be running at the Wildrence event space.

The tickets go for between $106 and $136, and are already starting to sell out for the whole run, so I’d be quick and click on this link if I were you.