Vinny Grosso fools Penn & Teller again with a little help from A MYSTERIOUS STRANGER

July 5, 2018

American magician, Vinny Grosso, has managed to fool Penn and Teller once again, this time with the aid of a secretive mastermind whose nasally diction might sound familiar to those of you who know your enchanted castles from your caves of wonder. 

The name of this mysterious kingpin is revealed about half way through the video, but I’m not going to spoil it for you. 

This is the second time Grosso has managed to get the better of  notorious P&T, and he didn’t even have to take his clothes off this time. A common sighting at corporate gigs, Grosso has been enjoying an enviable career, that includes appearances on America’s Got Talent, his own Las Vegas show, and a stint as president of The Society of American Magicians.  

The next episode of Fool Us, entitled Penn & Teller Get Loopy, is set to air on Monday, July 9th.