July 9, 2018

Have you ever woke in the dead of night, soaked in sweat, and haunted by the terrible realisation that you’ve forgotten something important? Me neither. In other news, here’s the announcement that FISM 2018 is now well and truly underway. 

And has been underway for a bit.

For about nine hours now. 

Fortunately, the competition heats don’t start until tomorrow. The first day of the event is reserved for some lectures, a couple of one man shows, a lengthy opening ceremony, and giving magicians who got a little too celebratory with old friends over the weekend time to recover before they have to go on stage. There’s also been surprisingly little social media activity from English-speaking attendees, either because the event is amazing and they’re rushed off their feet, or because they’re stuck to a toilet bowl. Regardless, we’ll be keeping you updated on every little scrap of info we can glean from the event, including any videos that might surface. 

Potential points of interest from today include lectures from Richard, Turner, Boris Wild, and Flip, as well as a couple of one man shows courtesy of Shoot Ogawa Simon Coronel and the amazing Juan Tamariz.