Heroic clown celebrates 20 years at the Calgary Stampede

July 16, 2018

The Calgary Herald is currently running a fun feature on the eventful life and career of Calgary Stampede mainstay, Shane Farberman, better known as Doo Doo the Clown. 

Okay, for those of you in the back, he was originally called Doodles the Clown, but there was a misprint on one of his early promotional flyers. Jay Leno of all people mocked the mistake live on air. Not one to turn down free promotion, Doodles became Doo Doo. It’s a perfectly acceptable name for a clown. Stop sniggering. 

Doo Doo née Doodles began his career in the clowning arts 35 years ago, after being recruited by a friend to perform at a Toronto hospital.

“I thought ‘you’re crazy,’ but I did it and I had so much fun,” he explained. “He offered me $25 an hour. I thought this is so cool. He did it just to pay his university, I turned it into a life of entertainment. I stuck with it and there isn’t a day I have regretted it ever.” 

Doo Doo is likely one of the most famous clowns in the world. Most of you will probably recognize him from his appearance in 1995’s Billy Madison, but he shot to true international fame after he intervened in an assault on two women back in 2015. 

His bravery earned him a phone call from Canadian prime Minister, Stephen Harper, a letter from Barack Obama, and television appearances around the world.

Despite planning to be on the road for 180 days this year, Doo Doo made time to once again work the annual Calgary Stampede. This is his twentieth year at the event.

“Parents are just like, ‘I remember you when I came here 20 years ago,” he explained. “‘You were the clown that I came and saw a show.’ So it’s nice. It’s just a beautiful feeling. You know there’s nothing better than to come out to the Stampede and it’s a family celebration.”